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 1/08/15-Did you know that it costs me $99.29 a year for the Teaching Oasis domain name and web hosting? When you add in the cost of clip art to create materials it can get quite expensive. The Teaching Oasis is up for renewal, if the website has been helpful to you please consider a donation to keep it online. Thank you for your continued support!

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Kaitlyn of VA-1/8/15
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Jennifer of TX- 1/18/15
Patricia of VA- 1/22/15
Carolyn of TX- 1/22/15
Karen of TX- 1/23/15
Christine of Canada- 1/26/15
Virginia of VA- 2/1/15
Carolyn of VA- 2/2/15
Patricia of VA- 2/2/15
Adrienne of VA- 2/8/15
Lori of CA - 2/9/15
Sam of PA- 2/16/15
Ricky of TN- 2/17/15
Margaret of IL- 2/21/15
Erin of VA- 2/22/15
Patricia of VA- 2/22/15



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